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It's the year 2051. You chose this year to open the time capsule that you prepared 30 years ago, which contains the experiences you had (we all had) in 2020, during the lockdown caused by COVID-19.

Game made for Global Game Jam 2021. theme was lost & found: our take on the theme is the lost of the routines we used to have before the pandemic, which forced us to find new habits and routines.

2051 is a narrative game composed by tiny mini-games.

All these mini-games simulate activities carried out by many of us during the lockdown: making video calls with friends or family, making bread, or doing yoga.

disclaimer #1: we're aware of zoom problems while playing on phone browsers. if you're playing from your phone, download the apk below. 

 disclaimer #2: if you have zoom problems on your browser from your computer, try pressing Control - to reduce your browser's zoom.

thanks for playing & stay safe! 🙂


game design: 

Eva Pérez (@eemepeefe)

design & art: 

Javier Moreno (@pitticli_dev)


Alejandro Fraga (

Javier Pérez (@javipercor)


Carlos de la Fuente (@Carlostrombon7)

Juan Mena (@juanmena_music)


I worked as a game gesigner and pixel artist

My task included:

- Game concept drafting.

- All the art of the game inclunding screens & interactive elements.