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Jump into this 2D platform game and become the last being on Earth. A Bot is a lonely robot with only 10% battery left in his “guts” who’s fallen into a dumpster by accident. Help him gather his parts in order to exit this junk pit.

Will you lend a Bot a helping hand for him to get back to the surface of the world?

This project was developed for and submitted to Global Game Jam 2020.



  • Julia Cajigal 
  • Raúl Arenas


  • Carlos García
  • Javier Moreno
  • Daniel Blanco


  • Pepo Jiménez
    Alejandro Penedo


  • Jorge Arias
  • Álvaro Bermejo
  • Álvaro Suárez

my role

I worked as a game designer in A Bot to Repair.

My task included:

- Design of the core mechanics of the game.

- Design of the structure of the game and its levels.

- Prototyping part of the level using prefabs.


description of the tasks

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Game and level design

The idea of the game was to have game mechanics in pairs, so you would have to switch between all the possibilities and use a combination of two mechanics to solve the puzzles.

With that in mind, we explore all the different combinations, starting with a list of 6 mechanics.