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Julia is a sad cactus that only wants to make new friends and hug little animals. What she doesn't know is that she is full of spikes and that little animals will likely be crushed to death by her hugs.

Cactus es amor is a top-down 2D game in which you will have to survive as long as you can, hugging things in so you don't die in grief and sorrow. 

This project was developed for and submitted to Spain Game Devs Jam II .

Move with WASD.

Hug objects with SPACE in order to not dying of grief.

Hugging fills your love bar.

If you kill things without hugging them, they won't give you love, just grief.

If you don't hug anything for a while,  your grief bar fills. You lose the game when the grief bar reaches 100%. Survive as long as possible.



Eva Pérez (Lifmialon)


Javier Moreno (Pitticli)


Pedro Atarés (Charles Degoulash)

David Márquez ( DavyMarquez)

David Pedraza (peter014)

my role

I worked as a pixel artist in Cactus es amor.

My task included:

- Character design of the protagonist and all the other characters.

- Creation of all animations ingame.

- Visual effects for the player.

- Graphic elements for HUD/UI and display of tutorials.

description of the tasks

(click to display)

Character design and animations

Level design