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Spring is coming this time of the year, but is it that nobody thinks about where the winter and the snow go?

Play Make Winter Great Again and prevent evil Spring men from taking the ice lands in their endless conquer of winter.

A game developed for #GreatSpringGameJam2021

The theme of the year was SPRING and the optional mechanic CONSTANT GROWTH.

Spring Men are spreading an ancient disease through the land. Yes, we are talking about...


Our last hope falls to the young Golem Queen, who's trying to finish this endless loop, restablishing the long Winter.

Make Winter Great Again!


Aran Tapias (@arantapias) - Art, music

Javier Moreno (Pitticli , @pitticli) - Art, UI, code

Marc Salayet (@salayetart) - Art lead

Oriol Ganduxé - Code lead


I worked as a game designer.

My task included:

- Defining mechanics and game loop.

- UI /UX design of interfaces and menus.

- Concept art of the intro scenes.

- Prototyping early versions of mechanincs in C#.

description of the tasks

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Pixel art


Main screen

Graphic elements



Victory screen

Defeat screen

Graphic design