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From Autohit Games, we want to present our first project RoD, a turn-based strategy game.

Join us to take part into turn-based battles where strategy and the tactical use of terrain will decide your fate. You can also recruit different types of combat units, each one which different characteristics, and upgrade them trying multiple combinations to creat the combat gear that better fits your combat style.

And all of this accompained by pixel art style, lovely characters, and a memorable script. "RoD" takes place in a worldinhabited by many animal species that dispute the territory and struggle for survival. In this context, many stories take place: love, betrayal, vengeance... all blending in a spiral of life and death.

Which will succeed in their fight for survival? And more importantly, at what cost?

my role

I'm collaborating with AutoHit Games as a UI/UX designer.

My task include:

- Designing UI elements using mockups and wireframes.

-  Generating graphic elements needed for UI designs.

Level design of Challenges.

description of the tasks

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The interface design process consists of three steps or stages:

- The first step is to investigate the interfaces of similar games, to study what systems and what elements are used

- Then some diagrams of the layout of the interface elements are made using wireframes.

- Finally, the visual component is added to the layouts using mockups.

Challenges are an additional game mode with specific battles or situations that represent a challenging scenario for the player.