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Voidout is an action game set in a faraway planet, where darkness, silence, and peace reigned, that is… until they arrived. While carelessly seeking to extract the energy of this planet to harvest and use for their own kin, overlooking the possible consequences.

What they will awake, is far more terrifying, atrocious, or ungodly than anything they have ever faced before. A dark, spine-chilling creature with nothing but one goal: to obliterate these forsaken invaders, whilst making everything succumb to the shadows.

· Embrace the Darkness: Become a dark creature and face the light by using your unique abilities in order to exterminate the invaders and make light disappear from your planet, restoring it to its former peace.

·  Straight to the point: An intense experience, with action from the very beginning.

· Appearances can be deceiving: Don't let yourself be fooled by the seemingly innocent enemies; these tiny motherf****** can shoot and will do anything to make light reing in your planet.

May darkness destroy everthing at the speed of light!

my role

I worked as a Game Designer in Voidout as a Master's degree project.

My task included:

- Game Design Document drafting.

- Level design and blockmesh prototyping.

- QA and game polishing.

- User Interface and design of tutorials.

description of the tasks

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GDD included sections such as the initial Game Concept of the game, the setting and the core mechanics.

See the full document here: [Spanish]

Level design

With the list of game mechanics in mind, we designed the structure of the game for a 10 minute long demo, creating situations or dynamics for each encounter.

This structure was made up of 3 different levels:

The next step was designing each of these levels, first on paper and then on the game engine using blockmesh.

These prototypes were used as starting material by the art department to dress the game with the final appearance.

Level 1:


Level 2:

Level 3:


During the master's degree project, I was assigned the tasks of designing some UI elements, such as the start menu and tutorials, using mockups and wireframes.

I also worked in generating some graphic elements for the UI such as the character damage/health interface, the flare indicator, the shadow dash pointer and the color rework of the abilities HUD, as support to the art department.